Patrick + Connie | London Wedding, Kensington Roof Gardens

Connie, owner of Peony and Mockingbird, got married to Patrick over this past summer on one of the hottest days of the year and there was probably no better place to enjoy it whilst getting a nice golden tan in London than on top of Kensington Roof Gardens in central London! A mix of modern meets traditional. At times, one could easily be convinced that they are abroad somewhere in Italy. Drinks were also served outside so there was no need for guests to part with the sun. Guests mingled with the flamingos and ducks in the beautiful gardens, yes flamingos!

I fell in love with the lovely garden when I saw the photos on their website. So we went to have a look of the venue in person, and we just couldn’t bear not to have our wedding there. It’s such a special place as its very modern inside, but the gardens give a touch of traditional English wedding. It’s this combination that makes the venue so special.”

Connie brought some beautiful vintage elements to her wedding day. She found her dress at Miss Vintage Wedding Affair and she made her own birdcage veil! You can see more of her stunning collection at Peony and Mockingbird and she will also be showcasing her art at Miss Vintage Affair next February, so 2015/16 brides may wanna have a look! Her makeup and hair was done by the amazing team at Lipstick and Curls, who did an amazing job in completing her look for the day.

LAMP ON THE HILL PRODUCTIONS was introduced to us by Patrick’s brother in law when we mentioned we wanted to hire videographers for our wedding. We just loved the style of their films. All the wedding films they produced were very special and personal to different couples. We would highly recommend LOTH to any of our friends who are planning their wedding. Simon and Erika gave their best to our wedding, even before the wedding day there were lots of communication going on between us, for them to get to know us so that they can create a wedding film that will be unique to us. I would say the service and the final product from LOTH is worth every penny :)

Thank you Connie & Patrick for sharing your wedding day with us! We hope your marriage will be full of fun trips to Ikea and loving moments as you grow in your love for each other each day!

Here are some stills from the day! Watch their teaser and highlights trailer!

Makeup & Hair Lipstick and Curls  |  Wedding Dress Sarah Houston (bought from a vintage wedding fair by Miss Vintage Affair) |  Cake: Lamore Cupcake  | Flowers:Cracked Pot Flowers Boutique | Ceremony Venue Kensington Roof Gardens | Evening Reception Phoenix Palace


CP Stills-1 CP Stills-2

CP Stills-3

CP Stills-5

CP Stills-4

CP Stills-7

CP Stills-8

Patrick + Connie | Wedding Teaser

Thank you Lamp On The Hill for the unique cinematic teaser for our wedding! It just feels like only yesterday! ~ Connie & Patrick
We’re so excited to release this cinematic video teaser from one of our summer weddings. Keep an eye out for their highlights trailer coming up very very very soon! In the meantime, here’s a still from
their upcoming highlights trailer! Click here to watch the cinematic teaser!
CP Stills-6
Lamp on the Hill Productions

Hang & Janise | Wedding

Hang & Janise got married on a beautiful sunny day in London. They chose to get married at a place that was very meaningful to them, a place where they had come to both grow in their faith and love for Jesus and the church community. Their ceremony was held at St. Helen’s in central London, which is right next to London’s infamous Gherkin Building. When we first met with them, they explained they didn’t want the day to be all about them, but on the day, we were able to see just how much their church community loved them and wanted to celebrate this marriage. What further turned heads and caused a bit of a confusion was the fact that Hang is actually a twin! It was quite helpful that they wore different ties. (Hang is wearing a red tie :P)

We also filmed their wedding day and it was the quickest project we worked on as it needed to be ready in a week so that they could show it to their family and friends at the wedding they were holding in Malaysia the weekend following. We won’t be showing it in this post, however here are some beautiful images we captured on the day.

Thank you Hang & Janise for allowing us to capture your special wedding day. May your marriage continue to grow stronger and beautifully as you humbly love each other.


HJWebsite-3 HJWebsite-7 HJWebsite-21HJWebsite-11  HJWebsite-12 HJWebsite-14    HJWebsite-7

 HJWebsite-24 HJWebsite-29 HJWebsite-31 HJWebsite-32 HJWebsite-35 HJWebsite-36 HJWebsite-37HJWebsite-10

HJ-160  HJ-176 HJ-181 HJ-189 HJ-190 HJ-199 HJ-212HJ-209     HJ-287HJ-294HJ-220HJ-228 

HJ-240HJ-237HJ-155HJ-243  HJ-247HJ-291HJ-259HJ-296HJ-292HJ-281HJ-280HJ-269HJ-261



‘H’ Family Session

H family is just a really good looking family, but to make it even better, they have such generous and kind hearts! They’re also energetic and full of life! We were so blessed by some of the stories they shared with us that it was an honour to capture this season of their lives together. Mummy H and Daddy H shared they had not taken professional photos since their wedding and so we wanted to use this session to let these two loose and capture their young love post-marriage! They were a bunch of fun and so easy to work with! H family is from Switzerland, and they shared that these photos would be shared with friends & family back home. We hope your family will cherish these photos for many decades to come and that where ever you guys settle, you will be able to look back on this season with fond hearts! May your family be a blessing where ever you go!

To respect the family’s wishes, we have chosen only a few to display.

H Family Photoshoot-1













Online Hertig Family Photoshoot-9


Online Hertig Family Photoshoot-2Online Hertig Family Photoshoot-10 Online Hertig Family Photoshoot-12Online Hertig Family Photoshoot-14 Online Hertig Family Photoshoot-35Online Hertig Family Photoshoot-36 Online Hertig Family Photoshoot-37Online Hertig Family Photoshoot-33Online Hertig Family Photoshoot-42 Online Hertig Family Photoshoot-21Online Hertig Family Photoshoot-41 Online Hertig Family Photoshoot-17








“How early should I book my wedding Videographer & Photographer?”

Spring has arrived and we are so excited! While there were pockets of some really cold days ( and some more for me, time spent waiting for the buses feel longer than anything else!), most driving commuters can say winter never fully arrived in London. One thing I really enjoy about London is, I get to experience real Spring and Autumn. One downside though is never getting the full blown summers out here like I’m used to, but I think I’m quite content that there’s relatively no humidity.

Anyway, with spring, we also begin to enter wedding season and one thing we find a lot of our friends asking is, how early do your clients book you and how early should one book their wedding Videographer and Photographer? So we thought we’d share the answer with all of you, although we’re sure all the super-planning brides out there know this already. For us, we have been blessed where we find ourselves being booked 1 to 2 years in advance. So with that said, we say…as soon as you get your date! Especially if you are getting married during the wedding peak season. We had a handful of weddings last year that we would have loved to film, but had to turn down due to lack of availability. Even just contacting us to ask about a tentative booking is better than nothing.  So, if you’re getting married in 2015 or earlier, and thinking about booking, you may want to send an email just to see if your date is available. And to that, we’d also say secure it while you’re at it. Hope that helps!


Lamp on the Hill

Leo & Janice // Richmond Park Engagement

Together, Leo & Janice are quite the cute duo. It was really fun shooting them together. This was done back in January of this year and was one of the colder days. Things have been so busy that we didn’t have a chance to post it til now. See Blog break for more details.

Leo has been so supportive and an avid follower of our work. He always said he wanted us to cover his wedding when his day came…

Last year, we sadly decided we would no longer cover close friends’ weddings as it kept us from engaging fully in the celebration. In this day where everyone and their mothers and cousins all own a DSLR, we find at every wedding that the guests end up giving more attention to their camera rather than celebrating what’s happening before them. We are all for people capturing their own memories, but we normally encourage friends and family to leave the photography and video coverage to the professionals the couple hired and instead fully engage in the beautiful moment as it unfolds. While we love our work, we’re still in our work mode. We decided that we would instead be guests and take photos in moments when we weren’t fully engrossed in the beauty of the day.  It’s been a difficult decision and tempting to cover all our friends who ask, but we think this is the best way to be with our friends as we casually shoot here and there.

Anyway, this is why we said no when Leo asked us to capture his wedding. It was difficult as we realllllly wanted to do it for him. But we know we’ll still be photographing beautiful moments and instead we decided to gift Leo and Janice an engagement shoot and to be fully present at their wedding with love!

Initially, Leo & Janice joked about having an engagement session in Israel or Santorini. They first met on a trip from church to do a Holy Land Tour in Israel. As they walked through the land learning more about the Bible, a new friendship began to unfold between the two. Several months later, both of them joined another friend on a trip to Santorini and on the last day, Leo asked Janice out. While it would have been amazing to head over there, they decided to keep it local.

Leo & Janice spent several dates at Richmond Park in London, especially during the early days of their relationship. It made sense that they wanted their engagement session to be held at the very same place where they invested time in building their relationship. The park was absolutely beautiful. Winter never fully arrived this year in London, but this was one cold day! It had been raining early on in the morning and so we expected wet grounds. We had another photo shoot earlier on that morning and we kept praying that the sun would come out for this one. Lo and behold, it did! See below for some goodies of the day.

First, we start off with capturing some memories at Janice’s flat, a place she will be saying goodbye to soon.

JL Engagement-60

JL Engagement-63

JL Engagement-66JL Engagement-6JL Engagement-11JL Engagement-12JL Engagement-2JL Engagement-71

JL Engagement-76JL Engagement-82JL Engagement online -1JL Engagement-72

JL Engagement-85JL Engagement online -12JL Engagement-44JL Engagement-159JL Engagement online -9JL Engagement online -5JL Engagement-49

JL Engagement online -6
JL Engagement online -10JL Engagement online -11JL Engagement-132JL Engagement-136JL Engagement-144JL Engagement-148JL Engagement-42JL Engagement-151


Blog Break

Hey guys!

It’s been quite a busy start to the year. We just CANNOT believe that it’s already April…and 2014! Hope you guys are enjoying the gorgeous weather in London!

Because of our busyness, we won’t be able to post as much blog posts as we’d like at least not until June. We will be posting intermittently here and there (especially for the month of April) but to make sure you don’t miss any of our posts, click on the +follow sign on the bottom right of our blog to stay posted with our next post! We promise we’ll have a few goodies to show!

Happy Tuesday!



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